Thus, the importance of a solid base, such as an effective resume and cover letter,will be emphasized, as well as the need to develop specific skills sought after by desired employers. It is critical for the progress of both undergraduate students and higher educational institutions that students develop an understanding of what is required from them in the workforce, which is not always proliferated in the classroom.

Throughout the conference, delegates will hear from keynote speakers and many industry professionals about success, the importance of leadership,and how to make the most out of an undergraduate degree. The PDC will provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve success in the future by giving students practical advice, critical to networking and employment success.


This conference will mark the fifth annual PDC held at the University of Guelph. This is an event designed to help students achieve meaningful employment. The goal of PDC is to bring together professionals and delegates to establish networking opportunities and knowledge from professionals in the industry. This event will provide insight to undergraduate engineering students in acquiring career opportunities and following the various paths they may choose to take.

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